Creator of an innovative styling trend that gave birth to the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, as well as one-off concept cars including the Ferrari Rossa and Maserati Birdcage 75th, KEN OKUYAMA CARS today announces the completion of a next generation high performance car.

Sitting on a highly rigid aluminum chassis, the kode57 is propelled by one of the worldʼs most powerful V12 engines mounted directly behind the front axle in a front mid-ship configuration. It is a limited edition car whose body has been meticulously styled to deliver a breath-taking visual experience and supercar driving pleasure.

KEN OKUYAMA CARS guarantees you will be able to appreciate the high level of passion and commitment in all facets of this one-off model, built in a Japanese state-of-the-art facility focusing on specialist handmade techniques.

The name kode57 pays homage to the year 1957, an iconic year in which many legendary cars were born and motor racing gained a strong worldwide following.

With its classic proportions of long-nose-short-deck, every panel on the car boasts daring and innovation in the surfaces and detail. Front air intakes, fins positioned behind each tire and a large rear diffuser improves internal airflow and cooling, while wind resistance is minimized thanks to the integration of groundbreaking design techniques that reduce frontal projection surfaces.

Employing superior aerodynamics, the two-seater takes on a Formula car-like appearance through its bold ʻsee-throughʼ fenders and sleek silhouette.

As part of its exhaustive weight-saving efforts, the kode57 incorporates an aluminum space frame and carbon fiber body panels. With its low-cut windscreen and long side proportions, the roofless coupe achieves an open-air feeling not seen in todayʼs high performance supercars.

kode57 features a driver-oriented cockpit with bespoke individual color themes defining each seat. Its handmade leather and ultra-suede (Toray) interior combination exudes an air of elegance and style while the rear-hinged scissor-type doors give the car a super sporty look. Electrically-adjustable seats, air-conditioning and an adjustable steering wheel add comfort and enable the pilot to find their ideal driving position.

The V12 engine and suspension settings can be tuned to suit the ownerʼs tastes thanks to a collaboration with German specialist Novitec Rosso. This partnership allows the front ride height to be adjusted by up to 45mm using a dedicated switch to assist during parking and other driving situations. Specially selecting the tires to deliver both performance and comfort, Pirelli P-Zero 295/25ZR21) were fitted to the front while P-Zero 335/25ZR22 were shod at the rear.

Penned at KEN OKUYAMAʼs Aoyama studio in Tokyo, the kode57 was assembled at the KEN OKUYAMA Yamagata Factory using industry-leading NC machine cutting techniques to cut and shape all carbon fiber body panels. Gathering the highest quality components from around the world, all production and assembly were done by hand using Japanʼs precision quality control methods.

The kode57 is an exclusive limited edition model that we invite discerning enthusiasts of sports car history to experience in the flesh.

25-08-2016\\ Pruebatucoche

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